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Welcome to the world of iConnect, your employee engagement & internal communication software.

It is a robust solution to drive employee interaction & engagement and to overcome your internal communication problems.

We help organizations to get employee attention via wide range of The iConnect advantage communication tools for centralized & reliable one-way and two-way communication.


It is a complete solution for boosting cultural change initiatives and flourishing the new culture among all employees of the company, developing a climate of uniform behaviors all across. All of our tools are designed to bypass email, so no important information is skipped. iConnect reassures that none of your important content is missed by your employees.

C-Suite Message

A dedicated section for the C-Suite to communicate with their valuable employees on important subjects. Get a reliable, one-way and strategic message in nature from C-Suite.


Never to be missed, effective and efficient pop-up messages that bypass email systems. Most used and best option for high priority messages with maximum visibility.


Invitations to the employees for any event in the organization. It allows recipients to quickly and easily respond to your invite, and you can plan the event successfully.


Keep a finger on the pulse of your employees and get quick climate check through polls. Get a quick feedback on the new policy, food in canteen, transport service etc.

Digital Newsletter

Ideal for keeping employees informed with company related information. Use Alerts to deliver short messages and when it comes to other details, nothing beats the Digital Newsletters.


Useful two-way communication tool for gathering quantitative & qualitative information. Conduct surveys like employee engagement, culture, performance audit, capability audit etc.


Organizations are moving to online trainings, and the trainings are meaningless if employees are not quizzed. Answers are marked against right & wrong answers with time limit.

Recognition Center

Name & Fame is the game. It is an ideal platform to recognize your employees. This gives an opportunity to recognize and appreciate your employees in a form of “leadership board”.

Social Impact

Encourage employees to create a social impact and be recognized for it


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